Water Softening Salt

Water Softener Salt comes in three types: Tablet Salt, Granular Salt and Block Salt. Water Softener Salt is made from common rock salt; sodium chloride.  However there is a vital difference in the way it is compacted into the different types.   Industrial Salt Supplies sell all three categories of Water Softener Salt in a range of quantities ready for delivery throughout the UK.

Most commercial, industrial and public sector organisations soften their water. Businesses such as hospitals and hotels find it essential to soften their water supply because they then use less soap, detergent and cleaning materials and their bills for heating and replacement equipment are reduced.

Whilst business has long known the efficiency benefits of using ‘softened’ water many people also discovered the clear benefits of having the water in their homes softened in this way.

Industrial Salt Supplies offers all grades of salt for both domestic and commercial water softeners with an efficient and speedy delivery service throughout the UK.

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